TIFF specification

Specification (tiff.zip)

uittreksel uit TIFF documentatie (tiff.txt)

0-1 word, 4949 16 bit en 32 bit integers: LSB eerst
          4d4d                            MSB eerst
2-3 byte TIF version number, altijd 42 (hex 2a) (geen relatie tot revisie nr)
4-7 long word, offs in bytes of the 1st Image File Directory (IFD)(even number)
         byte offset always with respect to beginning of file

IFD Image File Directory:
    2 bytes: number of entry's
   12 bytes: Field entry's
             0-1 byte, tag of the field
             2-3 byte, field type
             4-7 length of the field
             8-11 value (even number)
    4 bytes: offset of the next IFD (4x0 indien laatste)

       8 Preface
      27 Revision Notes
      69 Abstract
     113 1 Structure
     239 2 Definitions
     252 3 The Fields
    1152 4 Private Fields
    1177 5 Image File Format Issues
    1194 6 For Further Information
    1211 Appendix


Tif reader
pp program runs in freepascal
(It will run in Turbo Pascal 7 without initgraf.)
img.tif made with psp6