Last update april 2 2012

Show pictures inside Doom1 and Doom2 main WAD files

This program is a picture viewer of the Doom main WAD files. The ZIP file contains also the full source code in Turbo Pascal.

The easiest way to run is to load this program, together with SVGA256.BGI into the Doom 1 or Doom 2 directory. It then looks for the main WAD file. You can also use the full path to the Main WAD file as parameter, when this program is in a different directory.

This program will run in WindowsXP as well. You can put the images on the clipboard by pressing the 'Print screen' button in Microdoft Windows. (This will not work in XP). With a graphic program e.g. Windows Paint you can get them off the clipboard.

DOWNLOAD files (30kb.)