A small pascal program that alters the doom2 wad file.

Suppress the violent demo in doom2

Although i made wad files without monsters for my grandson, still the violent demo was present. This demo starts after a while when you start up doom2 and after that you do nothing.
My grandson was still shooting the whole day!

This little pascal program replaces the words: "DEMO1", "DEMO2" and "DEMO3" in DOOM2.WAD.

Do the following:

  1. Create in your DOOM2 directory a new directory named e.g. "SUPPRESS".
  2. Unpack the file SUPPRESS.ZIP into this new directory
  3. When you run P2.EXE, this is looking for ..\DOOM2.WAD
  4. While running, the counter will finish at about 7200
  5. If you now look in the SUPPRESS directory, a new file has been created named "OUTP"
  6. This file should have the same size as DOOM2.WAD but the date is different.
  7. This date is now important to distinguish these two files
  8. Create in your DOOM2 directory a new directory named "BACKUP".
  9. Move (not copy) the DOOM2.WAD file to the BACKUP directory
  10. Now move the file SUPPRESS\OUTP to the DOOM2 directory
  11. Rename this file OUTP to DOOM2.WAD
  12. Start DOOM2.EXE and after a while the program stops when it will start the demo.

DOWNLOAD suppress.zip

april 2, 2012